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Raytheon Thermal-Eye 250D Night Thermal Vision Device (Best in the World)....$12,450


Ensuring the safety of the community has just gotten a little easier. In todays volatile environment, the power of sight can mean the difference between catching a fugitive or saving a life. Raytheon Thermal-Eye 250D handheld thermal imaging camera is the industry standard for public safety departments, law enforcement agencies and security professionals. The tried and true Raytheon Thermal Eye 250 Digital Camera each have a long history of providing officers with the advantage of infrared technology for everyday operations. Officers can now See the Unseen, even in the darkest of nights or in poor weather. Suddenly, night is turned into day.

Offering the longest viewing range in its class, Raytheon Thermal Eye 250D is able to detect human activity as far away as 3000 feet and features 2X zoom. ThermalEye 250-D Digital Camera is designed with BST detector technology, the gold standard in the world of thermal imaging, which provides the sharpest and crispest images available in the market today.
Raytheon Thermal-Eye 250 D Digital Camera are designed to fit the specific needs of law enforcement professionals and are powered by a standard rechargeable camcorder battery. Video output and recording is available through an RCA jack. Add Raytheon thermal imaging to your arsenal of crime fighting technology today and see the incredible difference thermal can make.

Greatly enhance an officers vision and improve overall effectiveness on the job
Free up the number of officers required for an operation
Improve officer safety
Allow officers to go undetected, as they search and survey the scene, unnoticed and out of harms way
Provide the powerful advantage of sight in the dark, while monitoring criminals without their knowledge
Following Raytheon Thermal Eye 250 Digital Cameras are available: 250D/75mm Thermal-Eye camera and 250D/50mm Thermal-Eye camera.


Specifications for Raytheon Thermal Eye 250D Digital Camera:


Focal Plane Array (FPA) 

Type & Material: 

 Uncooled Ferroelectric

Pixel Count: 

 320 x 240

Spectral Response: 

 7-14 m

Thermal Imaging Performance 

Detection Range for Human Activity: 

 Up to 3000 Feet (915 meters) w/ standard 75mm lens]

Contrast / Brightness & pixel processing: 

 Automatic & Manual Gain/Level control with advanced image processing features


Lens Focal Length: 

 50mm or  75mm

Field of View: 

  250D/50mm - (18x13.5)
  250D/75mm - (12x9)

Minimum Focus Distance: 

  250D/50mm  ~18 inches (.5m)
  250D/75mm   ~20 feet (6m)

Focus Method: 

 Manual focus w/ Iris Electric motor


Output Format: 

 NTSC or PAL Compatible (RCA jack)

Monocular Viewfinder: 

 NTSC or PAL Compatible (RCA jack)

Monocular Viewfinder: 

 Monochrome (black & white)

Camera Digital Zoom: 

 1x, 2x


Power Source: 

 NiMH Rechargeable camcorder battery (6VDC)

Operating Time: 

 ~ 3 hrs. with supplied battery

Standby Mode: 

 Viewfinder off

Physical Characteristics: 


 9.5L x 4W x 4H (24 x 10 x 10cm)

Weight (w/o battery): 

 ~ 3.4 pounds (1.5 kg)

Mounting Provision: 

 1/4" - 20 Tripod Mount


Operating Temp: 

 -20C to 49C

Storage Temp: 

 -40C to 80C

Water Resistance: 

 Splashproof per IEC pub.529 IPX4

EMC Compliance: 

 FCC Part 15 & CE Mark

Package Contents:


  • Camera w/ Lens Cover & Lens Cleaning Cloth

  • AC/DC Battery Charger Kit (110/220VAC)

  • Rechargeable Camcorder Battery (NiMH)

  • Operators Manual

  • Durable Carrying Case

  • RCA to BNC Adapter

Optional Accessories

  • Soft Protective Jacket for rain use

  • DC Battery Eliminator (12-24 VDC)

  • Extra Batteries

  • Extra Battery Chargers