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In the past 5 years, covert video technology has gone into a 8 billion dollar a year worldwide industry, with over 19 million covert video cameras sold alone to the U.S. market.  With advanced technology in cell phone cameras, digital cameras, hidden wireless video and government traffic cameras, many of these so called covert cameras are ending up in the wrong hands and are being used surreptitiously against  women & men, children and even the elderly.   

Though scientific and military technology, the SpyFinder will allow you to scan and physically locate the presence of any CCD or CMOS video camera whether it is on or off! 

How it Works:  With the use of 6 high power patented LED lights, the Spyfinder has a strobe-like mechanism that sends a high powered
signalized flash that illuminates any item or object that is suspect of a covert video device.  When this happens,  the LEDs cause a bright "flash back" effect that brightly intensifies the internal video chip.  When looking in the small ruby type lens, the flashing LEDs will cause an action that detects the micro video board chip within most CCD or CMOS video camera---up to 30 feet away!  Whether there is a threat of a hidden, wired, wireless, small or large video camera, the Spyfinder will find it!  Even in the light or dark, powered or unplugged, Spyfinder performs. That's right, the camera does not even have to be powered in order for the Spyfinder to work!  One can check smoke detectors, clock radios, wall units, ceilings, walls and all potential threats without ever getting on a ladder or physically checking the device.  The same technology use in the Spyfinder Pro (costing over $2,200.00) is now available at a faction of the cost!  WHAT WAS ONCE COST PROHIBITED TO THE PUBLIC IS NOW AVAILABLE AT A LOW COST!


This remarkable product is currently being used by top private investigators and professional security personnel worldwide!  Find out if any hidden or covert video camera is being used against you, your family and/or business! Simply look through the viewing port (see photo) and depress the button to activate the LEDs. Slowly scan areas where hidden cameras are suspected and look for small, but very bright reflected spots.  You will see that it does not take long to become an expert at finding hidden cameras and you will be able to give yourself peace of mind anywhere at anytime!  

This technology, that was once available before for over $3,000 dollars, is know available at an unbelievable price of only:


1) In July 2002 an Ohio man staying in Knoxville at a major hotel chain found a hidden camera in a bathroom light fixture. He discovered the small video camera after noticing a tiny black spot. He thought it was an insect, but it turned out to be a hole in the fixture that concealed a video camera.

2) July 2003 Overton County Tennessee parents, upset that their children were filmed undressing in school locker rooms have filed suit, charging that school officials allowed surveillance cameras to be installed and then failed to secure the images.

3) A woman who says she noticed a video camera in the ceiling of the bathroom of a franchised toy is suing the retailer for invasion of privacy. She noticed a hole in the ceiling above the commode while visiting the suburban Atlanta store on March 21, 2003.

4) August 2004, Ithaca, New York - A college student called police after discovering a pinhole camera in the bathroom of the apartment she shared with three women, and now her landlord is charged with unlawful surveillance. The landlord faces four counts of unlawful video surveillance, a felony that can draw up to four years in prison. He also owns several rental properties near Cornell University. Police said they searched two other apartments and found two pinhole cameras and several video recordings of at least four students.

5) Guilty verdicts in 16 electronic eavesdropping cases were returned in Lenawee County Circuit Court against the owner of a tanning salon. The proprietor was arrested after police on Feb. 27 found a hidden camera in the tanning room and five tapes of customers.