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Rigel 3200 Pro Night Vision Goggles.............$799.00

Rigel 3200 Pro Night Vision Goggles can be used as an extra light weight night vision goggle, or detached from the mask for use as a night vision binocular. This model features hi resolution and a superb image intensifier for crisp, bright images in total darkness. Additional special feature includes overlight protection against sudden bright illumination.

Extra light weight - only 1.1 lbs. (530 grams) - make these night vision goggles ideal for using over long periods of time. The Rigel 3200 Pro Night Vision Goggles are among the most superior Gen 1+ models on the commercial market today.

Additional features include:

  • Built-in infrared illuminator for operation in total darkness
  • Individual objective lens focus
  • Individual eyepiece diopter adjustment
  • 3-position rotary switch: all power off - system on - system on plus infrared illuminator on
  • Contour eyecups block side light
  • Comfortable and safe fully adjustable head mount with flip-up storage capability