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Why pay thousands of dollars to a sweep TSCM team, when you can do it yourself! We can show you HOW! Just call!


Do not be fooled by imagination look alikes and refurbished models. This unit has a high powered range. This  unit is quality all the way! Remember, we are a REAL store with  Customer Service!

PRO-X30 Handheld Pro Bug Detector $299.00

REG $599.00


This new generation X-30 Pro RF Detector and TSCM room sweeper has all the major features needed for a professional bug detector in one portable size! Designed with the latest microchip countermeasures technology, it has an operational range of 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz. This state-of-the-art unit has features that are normally reserved for larger more expensive units. The numerical LED display allows you to easily adjust sensitivity on the fly, while the LED bar along the top of the unit provides an easy to interpret signal strength meter. Just to round out an already excellent device, the Hunter also has an audio cue to help alert you find any offending signals. The unit supports headphones and has a vibration mode in case your sweep requires a bit more covert action.

This model is the newest top quality portable RF bug detector. It can be used to detect and locate hidden transmitters (bugs) in your home, office, or car, and also wireless spy cameras, cellular phones and other radio frequency devices. Easy to read signal strength LED lights quickly help you locate the bug you have locked onto.

Unlike the cheap bug detectors that have flooded the market place, The X-30 Pro gives you the all important audio verification mode. Simply switch to verification mode, and you will know in a second if what you locked onto is an actual eavesdropping device or just another radio signal which the airways are flooded with radio sounds and no other noises. 

1 MHz to 6.0 GHz
Easy LED Signal Display
Locates Hidden Hard Wired Covert Cameras!
Important Audio Verification Mode
Sensitivity Adjustment
Low Battery Warning Light
Small And Light Weight
Advanced Features But Easy To Use

Amazing & Fast Highly Sensitive Sweep Power: The X-30 Pro sweeps everything from 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz with no holes or gaps giving you a wide band sweep unit that will sweep a room for bugs and wiretaps quickly and easily. Not only that, this highly sensitive unit will pick up signals within 5 meters.

Sensitivity Adjustment: In the real world today, the air ways are flooded with RF signals. The sensitivity adjustment of The X-30 Pro lets you set an adjustment level for your specific job. That way, you will only pick up the strong signals that would likely be eavesdropping.

Audio Verification Mode: Once you hit and lock onto a signal with The X-30 Pro, you can quickly switch over to the all important verification mode. By listening to what you locked onto with the earphone jack in verification mode, you quickly determine if what you hit is just another strong radio station signal or an actual eavesdropping device. It's best to play a CD while conducting your room sweep so when you switch to verification mode, you know in a second if the CD you are playing is coming through the detector. If you just hear sound from another strong radio signal, you can quickly move on to other areas in the sweep zone.

Signal Strength Display: The LED lights on the unit give you visual signal strength of the RF signals you are sweeping for. They go up as the unit gets closer. This lets you quickly and easily determine the exact location of the eavesdropping device.

Special Hand-Held Portable Design: The advanced features found in the The X-30 Pro is usually reserved for much larger, heavier and much more expensive units. However, with the latest in microchip technology you are able to have all the advanced features built into one compact hand held unit that's easy to carry around and easy to use.


  • Ultra Sensitive Five Section LED bar Graph

  • Silent Alert Mode-Vibration

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

  • Camera (Hard Wired) Lens Finder

  •  High Frequency Coverage 1MHz-8GHz

  • Earphone included

  • New Flexible Hi-Gain Antenna

  • RF Sensitivity Adjustment

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