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PRO-308 Handheld
Pro Bug Detector $79.00


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Do not be fooled by imagination look alikes and refurbished models. This unit has a high powered range. This  unit is quality all the way! Remember, we are a REAL store with  Customer Service!

PRO-308 Handheld Pro Bug Detector $79.00

REG $129.00


The PRO-308 is a time proven good quality and dependable RF detection meter. Now updated to detect RF signals from 1MHz to 6.5GHz. New high-gain extendable  antenna covers entire frequency range, no need to switch antennas and double your work to find bugging devices!

No longer can the new 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 GHz transmitting devices hide form the PRO-308. The compact size and silent vibration alert enables you to conceal it on your body for private sweeping of wireless listening and video transmissions. The PROX-10 PRO, with it's 4 section bar graph to detect proximity of transmitters, has also proven itself as a quality professional sweep unit. It's sturdy and durable plastic rubber coated case assures years of service. Powered by two AAA batteries, this unit comes complete with earphone.





Wireless eavesdropping even with VOX
Hidden cameras, Hardwired and Wireless
Wiretaps on telephone
Computer and Fax transmitters
Series and Parallel transmitters
Transmitting GPS tracking (only when devices is transmitting signal)
Devices on internet phone and IP phone
Laser Tapping
Hidden Cameras
Super Fast Scanning from 1MHz-6.5GHz

Detection Modes:
Laser detection,
Vibration (Mute) detection
Beep detection,
LED display detection,
Headset mode
Hidden Camera Viewer


Detection Device Unit
Earphone plug
Quick start guide and instructions

4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1"


  • Ultra Sensitive Five Section LED bar Graph

  • Silent Alert Mode-Vibration

  • High Frequency Coverage 1MHz-6GHz

  • Earphone included

  • New Flexible Hi-Gain Antenna

  • RF Sensitivity Adjustment

  • Heavy Duty Metal Case

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