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The Porn Detection Stick is a robust illicit image detection device designed to protect your family, business or organization...$149.00

Simply plug the PDS into any computer running Windows XP, Vista, or 7, launch the program and the PSD will find any pornographic images - even deleted ones! The Porn Detection Stick uses a complex series of algorithms to analyze flesh tones, shapes and curvatures, face detection, body part separation, and more to alert you to images likely to contain pornographic material.

STEP 1: Log Into the Computer

STEP 2: Plug your stick into a USB port on your computer.

STEP 3: Double-click PornDetectionStick.exe

STEP 4: Click Start

STEP 5: View Search Results

Get the device designed to do the dirty work for you!


Parents: The average age a child is exposed to pornography online is 11 years old. They may not be actively searching for it but chances are they've run across it and pornography is residing on your computer right now.

Employers: Besides wasted time and resources, pornographic content on your company computers exposes you to legal risks as well as disgruntled employees.

Schools & Churches: Despite Internet filters, pornographic content can easily contaminate your organization's computers. Whether copied from flash drives or other media, downloaded from e-mail, or simply missed by your filter, unwanted illicit images should be found and eradicated.


Portable: Because the porn detection software is embedded in a USB thumb drive, you can easily take it anywhere and use it on any computer you own.

Fast: A search of a 500 GB hard drive with over 70,000 images takes only about an hour and a half. Imagine how much time it would take you to manually find and search that many images.

Accurate: The Porn Detection Stick uses advanced image analyzing algorithms that categorize images as potentially harmful by identifying facial features, flesh tone colors, image back grounds, body part shapes, and more. With less than 1% false positive indications, your search for contamination on your computer won't waste your time.



Traditionally, there have been two different approaches to detecting pornographic content. The first approach is to simply determine if an image has too much flesh tones in it. The second approach is to comprise a database of file hashes (a digital signature) of known pornographic images. The first approach often results in too many false positive matches and leaves a number of pornographic images undetected because only one aspect of the images is used to determine if it is pornographic. The second approach is unrealistic in being able to create a comprehensive database due to the sheer number of pornographic images on the web. Even if they could catalog all the images form the more than 420 million web pages that contain pornography according to Internet Filter Review, there's always new images being created. Besides this, anyone sharing personal pornographic images not available on commercial sites through e-mail, blogs, forums, or other online communities are not likely to be found by such methods.

The Porn Detection Stick has implemented a number of methods and algorithms to analyze each image to determine if it may be pornographic in nature. Image Cleanup - within virtual memory, the software cleans up the image for optimum analysis. Skin Detection - this identifies skin tones and texture within the image. Background Elimination - this eliminates background objects from foreground objects so background objects don't skew the results. Edge Detection - identifies the edges of objects. Body Part Separation - separates body parts into separate masses. Negative Curvature Rejection - eliminates objects with negative curves. Elimination - eliminates other objects. Face Detection - identifies faces within the image. Body Part Layout Decision - maps body part distribution and image layout. Decision - classifies image based on data.

Using this series of methods, the Porn Detection Stick is able to filter over 99% of non-pornographic images from a system leaving you with a fraction of the images on a computer to look at. A computer with a 500 GB hard drive was searched using the Porn Detection Stick. Within an hour and a half, the entire computer was searched and over 72,000 images were analyzed producing only around 400 false positive results. That's less than 0.006%.

Whether you think someone is viewing pornography on your computer or whether you think your machine was exposed to pornography unwillingly or by accident, the Porn Detection Stick will help you quickly investigate your computer and help you determine if pornographic images are present.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Except Deleted Data Recovery)