spy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night vision

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Compare to a 2nd and 3rd Gen Night Vision Optic!




The Ranger 5x42 Digital Night Vision


Turns Night Into Day with High Res CCD Video Chip!

Want a great night vision device without the big price tag? The Digital Night Vision Ranger 5x42, is a new state-of-the-art nigh vision device that has Gen 2 to Gen 3 imagery using a high resolution CCD video chip set! This unit has powerful magnification and it has one of the most powerful infrared illuminators on the market. The  Ranger Digital Night vision Monocular can attach to any TV/LCD monitor for a fantastic night viewing surveillance experience.

Recon 550R Digital Night Vision

Pulsar Digisight Recon 550R Digital Night Vision Scope 78031 is a durable digital Night Vision scope from Pulsar with integral video recording capabilities and a built-in infrared illuminator. The Digisight Recon 550R is outfitted with a five-lens eyepiece to minimize distortion on the edges of the field of view and increase sharpness and contrast of the image. The soft rubber eyecup conceals the light emission from the tube, permitting the user to remain in darkness. If the built-in infrared light is not enough to suit your needs, just mount additional accessories as required to the Pulsar Night Vision scope.


Digi-Sight 550 Rifle Scope Digital
Night Vision


Digital riflescope Digisight N550 is a perfect combination of the latest developments in the field of optics and electronics. Along with good optical characteristics (fast aperture focusable lens 50 mm ƒ1.0, 67 mm eye relief) the riflescope features a wide range of options which allow it to be tuned to one's personal needs. The riflescope uses a highly sensitive CCD array (with a range of operation illumination 0.00003 - 30000 lux), image is transmitted to a VGA display, 640x480 pixels. The Digisight N550 also has Sum Light™ function which automatically increases CCD array sensitivity under low light conditions.

The Pulsar Patrol NVMT 4x50 Night

The  NVMT Night Vision Monocular series embraces modern, cutting edge technology without forgetting practicality.

NVMT 4x50 Night Vision Monocular is the most powerful handheld in the Pulsa arsenal; the incredible 50mm lens ensures powerful light gathering and light transmission for a pristine image. Capable of being transformed into any of the NVMT line's variations.


Rigel Optics - 3200 Pro - Night Vision Goggles.............$899.00

Rigel 3200 Pro Night Vision Goggles can be used as an extra light weight night vision goggle, or detached from the mask for use as a night vision binocular. This model features hi resolution and a superb image intensifier for crisp, bright images in total darkness. Additional special feature includes over-light protection against sudden bright illumination.

RIGEL 2500 BINOCULARS 5 X.........$899.00

Specially manufactured for long range observation, the Rigel 2500 series night vision binocular offers the highest possible magnification in a Generation 1+ handheld night vision device. High powered 5.0 magnification lenses make the Rigel 2500 ideal for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and security personnel who demand to see clear details from beyond 200 yards.

ATN PVS7 4th Generation Night Vision Goggles (Best in the World).....$7,490.00

ATN PVS7 is robust, dependable, high performance night vision goggle. This model is identical to AN/PVS-7 model adopted as a standard issue to US Army ground troops, designed to assist viewing provide reliable service in the most unfavorable conditions.




Raytheon Thermal-Eye 250 D Digital Camera Night Thermal Vision Device....$12,450.00

Ensuring the safety of the community has just gotten a little easier. In today’s volatile environment, the power of sight can mean the difference between catching a fugitive or saving a life. Raytheon Thermal-Eye 250D handheld thermal imaging camera is the industry standard for public safety departments, law enforcement agencies and security professionals. The tried and true Raytheon Thermal Eye 250 Digital Camera each have a long history of providing officers with the advantage of infrared technology for everyday operations. Officers can now See the Unseen, even in the darkest of nights or in poor weather. Suddenly, night is turned into day.


Raytheon Thermal-Eye X100XP Night Thermal Vision Device (Smallest in the World)....$6,950.00

Raytheon Thermal-Eye X100XP is a unbelievable thermal imaging camera designed for public safety departments, law enforcement professionals and military use. Setting the standard for durability and compactness in thermal imaging cameras, Raytheon X 100 XP is an ideal addition to any department’s arsenal and has been battle-tested in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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