Audio Room & Phone Recorders and Digital Voice Recorders  is what Spy Source has been selling for over 20 years. Audio Devices and Voice Recorders are needed in today's
business conscious environment and Spy Source sells the best for less in Phone Recorders and Audio Room Recorders for business conferences and meetings.  We sell Wireless
Microphones, Phone Recording Devices, Audio Devices, and Long Range Microphones for TV stations, bird listening, nature studies and security. 
We sell Audio Voice
for home, estate, small businesses and large industrial centers. Call, Click or come on in and visit our million dollar show room on the very latest in Audio Recorders and
Telephone Recording Devices.

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Please check your state's audio recording laws
Not Intended to be used as a surreptitious audio device

THE AUDIO PRO-1000 Series
Audio Phone & Room Recorder #1

New Smaller size and NEW Features! These STEREO like recorders will record precise voice and sounds with the new digital MMX voice/sound record technology. New LOW battery drain technology makes these recorders some of the very BEST in the world!

66 Hr.  $199.00
133 Hr.  $235.00

MMX-MINI MICRO PRO (37) Hour Digital Voice Recorder
(2 Month Stand-By Mode) Best of Best in Recording...$695.00

This tiny recorder is incredible and you have NEVER seen anything it! Law enforcement grade! It's half the size of a Bic lighter! It's so incredibly small, you will not believe how clear the audio is!

32 or 62 - Hour Digital Pen Audio Recorder with MP3 player:
ON SALE NOW! $199.00 32 Hour or $249.00
for 62 Hour!

The new and improved Media Pen possess 512 MB or 1GB of memory, is a sleek black & the LED lights are inside the cap. This product will record up to 32 hrs on the 512MB & 64 hrs on 1GB of voice recording, a USB hard drive & MP3 player.

NORMAL LOOKING SIZE PI-PEN  (7) Hour Digital Pen Audio Recorder
ON SALE NOW! $249.00!

Introducing the "PI Pen" note taker. Not only a great writing ball point pen, but also a high quality, 7-hour digital digital audio recorder. Great for taking "in the field" notes both by writing and dictating.


Please check your state's audio recording laws Not Intended to be used as a surreptitious audio device


PC Computer Phone Recording System ON SALE NOW!.....$129.00

Now you can record your telephone calls to your computer using our new PC Recorder. After loading the software on your computer and plugging your phone into the PC Recorders' dual outlet.

(8) Line Digital Voice Recorder Server System....PLEASE CALL

Record conversations from both analog and digital telephones by connecting to either the CO line ahead of the phone system or the handset jack on the phone. Features larger display and extra function buttons. Latest Technology!

Please check your state's audio recording laws
Not Intended to be used as
a surreptitious audio device


Micro Super Ear...........$149.00
 (A Pair) (2) Super Sensitive Listening Devices!

It's mini size, light weight and skin tone color allows for the wearer to hear from great distances without anyone even knowing youíre wearing it. Its ultra-sensitive microphone allows for crisp, clear audio all in a discreet, tiny earpiece.

RCA Power Microphone..........$69.00
 Super sensitive powered microphone, works with all video cameras!

This super high gain mini microphone and preamp are the smallest and best in the world. The preamp features low noise, extremely high gain and auto level adjustment by on-board IC. The mike is super tiny-- and the preamp is built right in.

Universal Microphone/Record Adapter.....$49.00 Record Both Sides! Use with all our our Digital Recorders! Use for your cell phone! 

Now you can record any conversation using your office, cellular, cordless, home or hotel phones with this unique adapter. Simply plug the adapter into any digital or analog recorder (not included) and put the ear piece in your ear and turn in on!

Micro Match-Stick Microphone (Worlds Smallest! $199.00
For Use With All our Our Digital Recorders!

The Match-Stick Lapel microphone is hand made with high quality products to ensure long life and excellent recordings! Its ultra-compact design is hardly wider than the actual cable. Measuring only an 1/8" in diameter!

Micro Wireless Ear Phone System.........$1,495.00
What the "Big Spy Guys" Use! 

The earpiece microphone system eliminates the need for visible wires going directly to your ear. With adjustable volume control and low residual noise, this discrete earpiece is loud enough for even the most demanding environments.


This pen mic works with any of our Digital voice recorders and contains a high quality miniature mic.  The mic has a 6' cable with a 3.5 mm plug  adapter. The unit comes with a average looking bic pen cover cover. This pen microphone can capture CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICE FAR AWAY!

Please check your state's audio recording laws Not Intended to be used as a surreptitious audio device

..Only $69.00 Great for listening to nature!

This versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket & comes with accessories to attach to binoculars, belt, hat or other gear! The microphone is mounted in a 180 degree swiveling sound boom with protective foam

..$475.00  Great for listening FAR AWAY! Check your state's audio recording laws Do Not use as a surreptitious audio device

Hear conversations with pinpoint accuracy at 300 yards with the Detect Ear PRO. This powerful surveillance and investigative tool incorporates a 20-inch diameter snap-together parabolic dish combined with the most advanced audio circuitry!

PHONE ALARM Tele-Spy Motion Activated Sound 
Intrusion Notification System............$125.00

This standard "trim line" type telephone features a built-in PIR motion sensor. If an intruder is detected within a 30 ft. range, TeleSpy calls a preset telephone number and lets you to listen in! Great for protection of homes & businesses!















(Audio Recorders)


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