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The Ghost Meter

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The Ghost Meter....$89.00..yep, we sell these!

Aside from a camera, the most basic tool for a ghost hunter is the EMF meter. When ghostly activity takes place, electromagnetic anomalies often occur in the environment. This meter can allow you to detect these disturbances.

Find hot spots in homes! In cemeteries! In buildings! We guarantee that an evening visit to a cemetery with the meter is an experience that will thrill you! Go in a small group and you will have a lot of fun and some!

Conduct paranormal surveys (comes with instructions). You may charge for those services or do them for pleasure!

Though we use language that is fun and casual, The Ghost Meter is an accurate instrument devoted to high quality Paranormal activity. Each one is individually calibrated.

Even though you may experience nothing via your physical senses, if you take a photo when he Ghost Meter indicates a strange fluctuation, you can sometimes capture a picture of a ghost!

The Ghost Meter measures paranormal cell activity. It is wonderful for several reasons: It's lightweight and compact. It has a needle readout and an adjustable audio tone, allowing you to use it in the dark or without looking at it. Also a light so you can monitor from far away!

At a haunted location, strong, erratic, fluctuating readings are commonly found. It seems these energy fields have a connection to the presence of ghosts. When you find a strange, inconsistent reading, that's a great time to make a photo of the area. The developed print may show an apparition.

This is the official meter of many Ghost Clubs! If you search www.google.com and look for ‘ghost pictures’ or ‘ghost hunts’ you will finds thousands of clubs and ghost pictures worldwide! Have fun and do not be afraid…most ghosts are friendly


Do not be fooled by imagination look alikes and refurbished models. This unit has a high powered range. This  unit is quality all the way! Remember, we are a REAL store with  Customer Service!



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