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ON SALE!...NOW $59.00


The CheckMate Semen Detection Kit is a 5-minute Infidelity Test Kit that is scientifically formulated to actually monitor your spouse's or significant other's sexual activity outside of the relationship by detecting traces of semen that are left in their undergarments after sex. "If they did it, it's there."

Note: This only works on the detection of semen. There is no test currently available that will test for the presence of a woman's bodily fluids.




The Cell Phone Econ: Track emails, text, SMS pictures, call logs and GPS locations! $189.00

Now you can monitor all the activity on your smart phone!

The Cellphone Recon Software has the capability of allowing you to covertly monitor all of the activities on your cell phone. Log incoming and outgoing calls, incoming/outgoing text messages and emails, and track the phone's location! Simply the best for less in Cell Phone Monitoring!

Top of the line Computer Monitoring    Software! Easy to Install and Undetectable!


          Spector Pro.........$99.00

With four distinct recording tools, Spector Pro is the quickest, easiest and most detailed way to monitor and record Internet and PC activity. All four tools are combined into one powerful application featuring: the original Spector VCR-like snapshot recording and the new Email recording, Chat/Instant Messaging logs and sophisticated Keystroke journals.







The SIM Recovery Pro is a SIM card application for Windows. Using the Recovery PRO software with your computer, you can save, edit and delete your phone book and short messages (SMS) stored in your SIM card. This has the added advantage of being able to backup your mobile phone numbers ans SMS messages to your PC, another SIM card or any removable medial If you change your mobile phone or service provider and receive a new empty SIM card, this software can be used to load the saved data onto it. editing your SIM card entries on your PC is much easier as you are able to this using your computer's keyboard instead of your mobile phone keypad.


  • Forensically examine your SIM card to find deleted text messages and view last 10 dialed numbers
  • Program your SIM card to only dial numbers and make calls that your permit. Good for controlling children's calls or company employees.
  • Allows you to backup, restore and edit your phonebook. Easy transfer of data frm one SIM card to another SIM card.


RF BUG DETECTION UNIT (Is he or she listening to you?)......$249.00
(Cheaper than a PI Sweep Test!)

 The PRO-X20 PRO is a time proven high quality and dependable RF detection meter. Now updated to detect RF signals from 1MHz to 6GHz!  Advanced bug Det.

The PROX-20 PRO is a time proven high quality and dependable RF detection meter. Now updated to detect RF signals from 1MHz to 6GHz. New high-gain flexible antenna covers entire frequency range, no need to switch antennas and double your work to find bugging devices! No longer can the new 4.2 and 5.8 GHz transmitting devices hide form the PROX-20 PRO. The compact size and silent vibration alert enables you to conceal it on your body for private sweeping of wireless listening and video transmissions.




SPY FINDER HIDDEN CAMERAS DETECTION UNIT! Are you being video taped?.......$129.00


SPYFINDER PERSONAL The world's smallest and most advanced video camera detector! Professional! Finds dead or alive video cameras anywhere CCD or CMOS! Sold Worldwide!....$149.00


CLUE SPRAY....Is Someone stealing or touching your stuff?......Only $49.00

This detection spray is simply sprayed on any surface leaving an invisible film which, when touched is immediately transferred to the hand, clothing, etc. It is excellent for large and small objects. Will remain on hands up to five days in spite of repeated washings. The spray is highly fluorescent when exposed to UV illumination, but is invisible to the naked eye. Long lasting 5.5 ounce can for many applications. The stain shows up under ultraviolet light.




PHONE MANAGER PRO Monitors all Incoming and Outgoing Dialed Phone Calls!...........$99.00  

The Pro Phone Manager is an all new easy to use and quick to install dialed number phone manager that logs 2,000 incoming and outgoing dialed numbers. It records the dialed number called when anyone picks up the phone and dials on any extension in the office or house. This unit works with any standard single line phone.  It also records the number from any incoming call. The unit also records the time/date and duration of each call.


..Only $69.00  
Great for listening to nature!

This versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket, yet comes with accessories to attach the Super Ear to binoculars, belt, hat or other gear. The multi-element microphone is mounted in a 180 degree swiveling sound boom that is covered in a protective foam windscreen. Premium stereo headphones fit comfortably to deliver clear, crisp sound.


Covert Video DVR System ALL-IN-ONE Video Motion Activated System with SD card. (No Wires, no installation, Simple & Effective! 

No Need to hassle with complicated camera and VCR wiring or wireless cameras that transmit your images all over the neighborhood! The new MC/Radio-Camera/DVR (digital video recorder) is completely self contained, totally secure, and easy to use. All functions of the clock radio work normally and the hidden B&W low light - high resolution camera is totally invisible.

All you do is touch the “Arm” button on the convenient remote control. Radio will beep once to verify command and quality black & white video recording will begin the instant motion is detected and will continue until 15 seconds after motion ceases. When you are ready to review your video images, simply press the “disarm” command on the remote control and remove the “postage stamp size” MMC card from it’s hidden compartment on back of the radio.


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