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Crime Prevention Tips

Personal Crime Safety

Always be aware of your surroundings and alert to potential danger.

Trust your instincts and take action before trouble strikes.

Have a plan of action for any emergency situation.

Never, Never be afraid of informing the Police about a incidence or stalking situation. It is always better and helpful to you case to inform the police about a potentially dangerous situation. That is why there are there!

Crime Safety At Home

Make sure your home has adequate outside lighting.

Trim shrubs to allow maximum visibility of your home from the street.

Check all locking hardware for proper function and maintain them
to optimum working order.

Do not sleep with windows open.

Do not let contractors be in your home alone.  Tell them that your wife or husband works at a police dept. and that you are proud of them while you are making general conversation.

Street numbers should be easily visible from the street at night.

Lock all doors even while you are at home and if you have a home alarm system turn it on while you are home! The doors and windows only. Many Home Invasion crimes happen while people are at home!

Know who is at the door before opening it. Talk to strangers
 through a closed and locked door.

Security door chains are easily defeated once you open the door.
They provide a false sense of security. Cross bars on the door are better.

Crime Safety While Driving

Practice good vehicle maintenance habits and check under the hood often.

Before entering your car scan underneath, then look in the
front and back seat.

Once inside, lock the doors before you buckle your seat belts.

While driving, be observant for dangerous situations both
ahead and behind you.

If you suspect you are being followed, take evasive action and drive towards a 24 hour gas station and/or populated public area.

If you have a cellular telephone, remember dialing
9-1-1 is a free call nationwide.

Don't pickup hitchhikers unless they are very good looking....A joke.

Report stranded motorists to law enforcement.

If your vehicle becomes disabled, use the flashers and remain
inside with the doors locked.

Crime Safety While Shopping

Park in well lighted areas and lock valuables in the trunk out of sight.

Never leave house keys attached to car keys when leaving your
vehicle for service.

While in public, do not look like a victim-walk with confidence.

Visually scan the area around you for danger.

Avoid walking in isolated areas when possible.

If you suspect you are being followed, cross the street or change
direction of travel.

If you are still followed, walk into a business or office or go to the nearest home and ask for help.

If you must work late, tell someone and move your car to a well lighted
area close to the building.

Exercise outdoors in populated places like the high school track
while others are present.

Use caution when entering elevators, isolated hallways, storage rooms
and parking garages.

Do not carry large amounts of cash and credit cards with you.

Limit potential loss by carrying only what you need, like identification and an ATM card along with a small amount of cash.

While using public transportation wait in busy areas and in
well lit areas at night.

Crime Safety Tips for Seniors

Be suspicious of deals offering something for nothing or extremely low rates.

Verify the identity of repair and delivery persons, inspectors or sales people before opening the door of your residence. Call their employer if necessary.

Never reveal personal financial information over the telephone
or to strangers.

Be wary of those who solicit home repair work by going door-to-door.

Beware if anyone claims to have found money and offers to share it with you if you will put up good faith money of your own.

Don't send money by mail in response to schemes requiring registration or evaluation fees.

Never reveal passwords and personal identification numbers from bank or credit accounts to anyone.

If you suspect fraud or any criminal activity, don't be embarrassed or ashamed to report it immediately.

If you receive harassing, obscene or threatening phone calls, simply hang up and report it to police.

Don't carry large amounts of cash or credit cards when you go shopping.

Be sure to carry critical personal medical or health information, such as Medic Alert type information and who to call in case of a medical emergency.

Carry a purse close to your body, concealed beneath outer
garments if possible.

If a purse snatcher attacks, do not resist and risk injury. Valuables
can be replaced.

Utilize direct deposit and other electronic banking means whenever possible.



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