spy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night vision

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Car Vandalism, Vehicle Vandalism, Criminal Damage to Vehicles, Tire Slashing, Keying cars,  etc. Car cameras. covert car cams, car camera systems, hidden car cameras, vehicle car cameras,  car video cameras, vehicle covert camera is what we sell! Please review our blog here to learn about defeating this problem!

Is your vehicle being criminally damaged by an ex-lover, a deranged neighbor, disgruntled co-worker or neighborhood punks? Let us help you get you the proof you need by getting the video graphic evidence to bring to the police. Criminal damage to cars and vehicles is a very widespread problem in America today.  Sociopath persons find and get relief in taking out their frustrations on someone by vandalizing vehicles, slashing tires, "keying" cars, smashing car windows and other intolerable and incorrigible acts.  After all, the police can not do anything right---unit it happens? They only take reports after the fact and we know that it can be a very frustrating ordeal! Let's put our 23 + years of experience to work for you and nail these jerks!

Please check all local and state laws before using these video cameras.
All covert cameras that we sell do not have audio built in. 

1. First, one has to realize that placing a camera inside a vehicle looking out may or may not be a good solution to the problem. By placing a small camera either on the dash board, rear widow or side window looking outward, one may just only get the suspect's chest and torso and not the face! Remember, you need I.D. of the face in order to prosecute and make the claim stick.  Also, keep in mind that the suspect may choose to damage the rear or front of the car, you know, the side that the camera is not on!  Also, if the suspect wants to slash your tire, when they are going to bend downward and perhaps not be in view of the camera at all!

 2. The best set up situation for catching a criminal damaging your vehicle is to view the entire vehicle from afar! This means that if you park you car in front of your drive way or on the street or parking lot, place a camera looking outward and monitor the entire surroundings of the vehicle! Then, if the creep chooses to vandalize either side of the vehicle you will have them on video tape.

3. What if you are at work and you park far away from the building? If you have a colleague and/or a friend that you work with ask them for their help in allowing them to place the camera in their car in order to monitor yours! This means that they will have to park their vehicle near yours for a certain amount to time, say two weeks, and set up the camera on your car in order to catch the suspect.  This method will also work at home by using a neighbors house, (be sure that they are not the suspect and you know them :) and use their place of residence as a command post to monitor your vehicle especially if you park far away from your residence.   Call us if you need further info! 847 803-9001!




Both the pinhole camera and the MINI DVR recorder shown below are an excellent option for recording activity from the inside/out of a vehicle. Both of these units can be Velcroed or taped up to look out either window of a vehicle. If you wish to monitor more than one side, a (4) channel split screen DVR can be purchased with additional cameras. These units can be powered from a cigarette light adapter, or you can purchase a rechargeable inverter battery system.

CAR-CAMERA KIT: A Complete System For Catching Criminals That Damage Your Car:.$499.00


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This is a day/night B/W high resolution camera that is simply one of the best for this investigation!

1/3" Sony B/W or COLOR  12 Volt CCD (SMALLER!)  high sensitivity Ex-View  CCD,  420 line of high resolution,  0.0003 lux @ F1.2 color is .05 lux, 12 volts DC power source (140mA consumption), Auto Gain Control (AGC), DC iris level control,  DC, Video iris control or Electronic Shutter Control (ESC). COMES WITH 5-50 MM Zoom Lens to catch a picture from you window of your residence, work or friends other vehicle!




Introducing the new  PDVR-700. Like the PDVR-500, but with full control console on front of unit and higher resolution. Featuring 720 X 480 @ 18fps resolution or 640 X 480 @ 30fps. High capacity battery records for 3 hours continuously. Compatible with a host of cameras including button camera and tie camera. All metal brushed cast aluminum black case offers maximum durability!

The PDVR-500 main feature of this design compared with other units is a 1-touch recording button. Instead of shuffling through menus, like other recording devices, the user can press 1 button and the unit will begin recording. The unit has audio and video inputs so that you can add external cameras or video sources. We have several cameras that are recommended for this unit.


This is a 4.5 amp rechargeable ION  battery pack that will power the camera, monitor, DVR recorder and/or illuminator if in the event you do not want to use your car battery (cigarette lighter input) You will need at least two of these units with chargers.