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You have worked hard for your investment money, you have now come to the point in your life where you understand that you must take control of your financial destiny.  No business is offering a 20 to 30 year pension plan anymore along with a cheap gold plated watch.  I am a no bull kind of guy, if you are serious, I am serious...

If you enjoy James Bond movies, cool gadgets, security related items that protect life and property, protect the elderly and the young, catch cheaters and help stop various acts of crime, well then this feel-good and self-satisfying business is for you! 

Economy Down, Crime & Theft Up!

The Security & Spy Products Industry
is on Fire! Huge Profits!

For some people, working for others is not such a terrible thing if they believe that job security and guaranteed income is intrinsically important in their life.  If one believes that the subject of  "risk-taking" is just not in their mind-set and job stableness has always been taught as the "right-thing-to-do," why ever take a chance on being self-employed? Are you really stable?  

Twenty to thirty years ago, careers and job growth in America was somewhat solid and secure.  I remember my father and grandfather having good paying jobs that meant something.  I saw that they liked what they were doing and they had passion due to the fact that companies where treating them right. They had good salaries, profit sharing, health and insurance benefits and job security due to strong economic growth.  Today, as you know, that is just not the case any more in the corporate world due to low profit margin, budget cut backs, over-seas market competition and strict profit greed. 

It is hard to have passion today in what you do for a living.  Most feel like they are being taken advantage of and they are just another pawn being used in today's "cut-throat" business arena.  When money is just a temporary motivator, a job is just a job and there is simply no love in what you do for living.  Let's change that shall we?  


If you think about it, where do people and business entities go to when they are having special problems that are effecting their personal and business lives? Wal-Mart or Target?  No...Guess again.

Where does a suspected husband or wife go to when they feel that a significant other  is cheating?

Where does a small business store owner go to when they are having theft related problems that is effecting their bottom line?

Where does an industrial center go when they need security cameras installed to lessen their liabilities for employee and visitor safety?

Where does a business go when they think they are being "bugged" or eavesdropped upon?  "The loss of trade secrets is very expensive." Want to make $600-$900 per hour debugging homes and businesses?

Who do people refer to when they need personal protection items such as, Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms?

Where do police departments, private investigators, security professionals and other government entities refer to when they need equipment for today's 93 billion dollar per year U.S. market for security?


What's hot in the SPY & SECURITY MARKET NOW?

GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices!

Covert Cameras for Theft, Nanny Day Care, Infidelity, Problematic Employees, Troubled Teenagers, Elderly Home Care Protection, Criminal Damage to Property, etc.   

TSCM Bug Sweep Detection Devices!

Small Audio Recorders!

Let's say, that at one time or another, you may have thought of a good business plan for your own business.  You then had a temporary "rush" kind of feeling of independence and excitement, only to be then forgotten the next day due to the fear of financial loss, mental anguish, public ridicule and over-all feeling of failure.  

Let's say you wanted to open up a business like a Dry Cleaners or Bakery store. Or perhaps a Gas Station or Food Service Mart.  Are these really unique businesses? What differentiates these business from others to have them gain  more attention and profitability?  Not much, unless you are a genius at marketing and promotion---with a little luck too.

A Spy & Security shop is in fact very unique.  There are very few in the nation, they draw a magnitude of attention and publicity, they have excellent profit margins and they are economically sound.   Not to mention, they are in huge demand due to the world we live in. Think about it, when the economy is weak, people tend to steal more, cheat more and hurt more.  A sad analysis, but the simple truth.  We are becoming more and more of a demoralized nation that needs resolve.   

Before you invest, Investigate! Please Google me, type in: John Frycek. Review my long career in the security and surveillance business! I am also a State licensed Private Detective and Certified Personal Protection Specialist for over 24 years! Read my Bio and Statement of Qualifications HERE!

Please note: I only deal with straight forward people in a legal (no pressure) manner. You must be 18 years of age, show proof of investment funds and be ethical. I also verify whom I am dealing with.....No games, criminals, etc.


NO...The question is, can you currently set up a VCR to a TV?  Have you ever hooked up a Play Station system? Can you assemble simple kit forms? If you have answered yes, to any of  these questions, you are OK.  I hope... ; )


Where are you at financially? What are your goals in life for self-satisfaction and a better life?  What is holding you back? Money, family pressures, nervousness and the over-all feeling of failure can make anyone fearful of starting their own business. I know, I was there. Back in 1991, I worked for a detective and security company for around $30,000 per year, which when all my salaried hours added up, was basically making around $6.00 per hour. I was the marketer, the manager, the hard worker and the idiot. 

One day, I closed on a security officer detail service contract for a large retail store in Chicago, Illinois. The deal  had a billable service rate of over $1,000,000 per year and I had worked feverishly on the contract. When I brought in the contact and closed the deal, the owner said nice job, padded me on the back and gave me thanks. I was proud then, because I was then regarded as being the top producer of the year, in fact, I brought in over 4 million dollars that year, not bad considering the firm was only bringing another 2 million on its own. The next month was December, and like all significant minded employees that dedicate themselves to their jobs, I was hoping for a nice Christmas Bonus.   At the time, we had a part-time, horrible receptionist that used to screw everything up! Calls were misplaced, appointments were erroneously made and this young receptionist was just plain, well---stupid. She was and continues to be---the bosses niece.  Hey, family is family, right?

When bonus time came, the owner approached me and said, "John, you have done a good job this year, however, your car phone bills have been a little high."  When I asked how high, the boss said, "well you made (8) eight personal calls last month and you owe the company for the calls."  I then relied, " What?" "My father was in the hospital last month and I only called to see how he was doing."  "Well, John, you owe $48.52." I then accepted the responsibility, and agreed to pay.  At that time, the boss handed me an envelope that said, Seasons Greetings, Nice Job.  When I open the card, the firm had given me a big fat $100.00 dollar bill.  Julie, the receptionist, also  opened her bonus card in front of me, and guess what, she had also received $100.00 dollars as well for all of her hard earned work and dedication. I had left the firm that day, December 18, 1991, I never worked for a person, place or thing since then. 


 A Spy & Security store owner can make any where between $475,000 to $850,000 their first year in business (if they have vision, time, patience and social skills).   It all really also depends on what kind of business plan you want.  If you choose a virtual store on the Web, meaning a Web site, you may make less. If you open a physical store location, you will do better.  

With a Web site, you can drop ship from other wholesale product companies, have less over head, have no need for employees (unless you are doing a lot of orders) and you do not have to have a office and/or keep inventory.  A store on the other hand will bring in a lot more foot traffic. The store will get more media and public attention and you will simply make more money. However, you will work harder and need to have money to back you.

Location, marketing, advertising and having an attractive store and/or Web site has a lot to do with it.


Option (1). We will furnish you all our wholesale contact list that took us, over 7 years to develop, locate and deal with. You get all the secrets on where to buy and safe big money! Work at flea markets, start a web site and sell to security professionals in your area! You will also receive a business plan and over-all instructions on how to get started on the web.  TOTAL COST: $1,500. (SUPER DEAL)

Option (2). Web base drop shipping business: We will furnish you, all the materials, marketing plans, wholesale contacts, design Web site, incorporate, start a checking account, business plan and over-all instructions on how to get started on the web.  TOTAL COST: $3,500.

You, on the other hand, will need about $2,500 in additional capital to handle your monthly expenses and start-up costs.

Option (3). Store front business: We will assist you in developing and  making a complete store front. We will furnish you a start-up inventory, fixtures, lighting, cases, computers, cabling, marketing, web site, marketing plans, wholesale contacts, legal contracts, incorporate, start a checking account, business plan and over-all instructions on how to succeed.  TOTAL COST: $175,000.

You will need about $30,000 in additional capital to handle your monthly expenses and start-up costs.

For further information and procedures, please call John Frycek. SERIOUS ONLY PLEASE.  or Email:

1-(847) 803-6922

John C. Frycek, PPS, CIS, LPD







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