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  The Edic Mini-Pro B70 150 Hour
Mini Voice Recorder! 

Edic Mini Tiny + B70 150Hr Digital Voice Recorder

The ideal type of charm for the business person.


Stylish, fun,  high quality   - an excellent accessory!!!

Be flexible and aware of all cases!

In our new design, we have surpassed his own record, marked by Guinness World Records (recorder EDIC-mini Tiny A31 - 29 * 15 * 12 mm), and created for you to even more compact, lightweight and miniature professional voice recorder - EDIC-mini series Tiny + model B70. Its dimensions are 37 * 15 * 7 mm, and weighs only 7 grams. Despite the small size EDIC-mini B70combines characteristics that provide high-quality recording, ease of use and wide range of functions.

Main characteristics

  • Miniature size (37 * 15 * 7 mm) voice recorder is easy to carry and always keep on hand at the right time to hold the record.

  • As used in the recorder microphone has a high sensitivity and low noise level, which allows high-quality audio recording at a distance of 12 meters.

  • A simple and reliable operation: fast start recording by using only one slide switch.

  • Low power consumption: despite the tiny size of the recorder is able to carry out continuous recording up to 10 hours.

  • Protection records digital markers: in recorded video added imperceptible to the ear markers that allow us to determine the time and date the recording, type and serial number of the recorder, on which record, as well as to determine whether the edited record.

  • Use of the USB 2.0 adapter enables high-speed recording siphon made in the PC

With the help of special software the user can easily adjust the quality of the recording and voice recorder, enable and configure professional functions depending on the situation, and in accordance with their requirements.


The digital audio recorder can be connected to PC via a USB port with the supplied cable. With the supplied software, working under Windows XP/Vista/Win7 OS 32-64 bit , makes it possible:
  •  High-quality uncompressed audio signal
  •  4 GB of removable memory or up to 150 hours of recording (in recording mode 8kHz, u-Law)  
  •  Up to 10 hours of battery life from the batteries RL43
  •  Start recording switch, voice, or a single daily timers
  •  Indication of the recorder via LED
  •  Linear and circular recording modes
  •  Protecting records from unauthorized access password
  •  Support of digital tokens that allow to determine the truth of record
  •  High-speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 MB / sec)
  •  Built-in clock and calendar

Additional features

* To work with the recorder, and made ??recordings using the program EMplus, functionality that now allows you to:

- Listen, move to the PC, edit and delete entries made

- To make adjustment entries to easily select the desired quality / recording time

- To connect and configure additional features and capabilities of the recorder (timers, VAS, etc.).

- Listen to the recording from the recorder directly without pumping to a PC

- Cut and work with the selected fragment of the recording,

- Select and play only the necessary pieces of a recording made ??using the VAS, missing part of the record without a voice

- Built-in prompts make the program very easy and convenient

- Recording software for Flash-memory recorder and requires no additional installation.


Dimensions               37 ? 15 X 67
Weight 7 g
Material plastic
  • black
Recording source
  • built-in microphone
Play recordings via PC
PC connection USB 2.0 (up to 7 MByte / sec)
Indicator of LED

1 switch

Frequency characteristics
  • sensitivity of the built-in microphone to 12 m
  • SNR - 65 dB
  • bandwidth while recording 100 - 10000 Hz
Codec 10-bit
Recording Mode mono
Audiofayloa format after conversion wav
Compression method
  • uncompressed
  • 8 kHz
  • 11 kHz
  • 16 kHz
  • 22 kHz              
Built-in gain no
Operating temperature from 0 to +40 C
  • AGC system (with accessory)
  • Voice Activation System VAS
  • Password protected entries
  • timer daily and single
  • to use as a Flash-drive
  • linear or circular recording
  • "Digital signature" made record                
Storage media Built-in Flash-Memory
Memory hours (At a frequency of 8 kHz and compression in 2-bit ADPCM)
  • 150h (4Gb)

battery type LR43

Operating batteries
  • recording mode (sampling frequency: 8 kHz, no compression) - up to 10 hours
  • in record mode with VAS, audio signals below a threshold - up to 70 hours
  • in standby mode - up 9 months                
While charging  
Guarantee 1 year



Software Edic-mini Tiny+ B70

Bundled software running under Windows XP operating systems (SP2/SP3) / Windows Vista / Windows 7, Windows 8, allows you to save the recorded messages as standard sound files, program the various parameters of the recorder. You can update the firmware (firmware) recorder via the USB interface.

What is firmware? This built-in program, which operates on a digital device. Firmware is stored in non-volatile memory device.

Do I need to update the firmware or Rec Manager? If your recorder is working properly and used software you are completely satisfied, and RecManager firmware change is not necessary. Exceptions are cases where by the manufacturer found critical bugs in existing software, which we immediately notify clients through our website. But over time, changing consumer demands for functionality of the products. Given the observations and recommendations of customers, the company modifies and updates the software to the most popular products, thus extending their functionality.

Attention! If you upgrade the firmware on your recorder, always use the latest version RecManager.

How to upgrade the firmware:

Version of the software running in Windows Vista and Windows7 (32x, 64x), Windows8

New version of software updates firmware series recorders Edic-mini Tiny +, as well as records of internal memory recorder program itself RecManager. RecManager not need to install from the disk. Dictaphone just plug in USB-port of the PC, after which he defined as USB-drive with a recorded RecManager and operating instructions.



Digital recordings made ??on voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny +   protected against forgery system markers 

It is invisible to the user markings, which extend through the entire record and allow us to determine the integrity of recorded voice data. With these characters, you can find: a model recorder on which the recording was made, the serial number, the date and time of the recording, as well as whether there was an attempt to modify it.
For these markers, you can check the integrity of the records not only RecManager'om, but with the help of a special program, which is used in the MIA to determine the authenticity of digital records available to them.
If the record has been changed, the recorder is not detect it as genuine.

Attention! Nformation about the authenticity of the recording can be viewed using the built-Rec-Manager in the "GUIDE" button "File Properties".

Recording Modes 
With recorders Edic-mini Tiny + can carry both linear and circular recording. In linear recording the number and duration of messages is limited by the available memory. Roundabout method allows not stop recording. When the recorder runs out of memory, voice recorder just beginning to replace the old data with new data. Thus, the memory always contains the most recent recording.

Protection of information 
To protect the information in voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny + can set a password to prevent others from the user access to the content and settings of the recorder.

Timer Recording 
The recorder Edic-mini Tiny + can be done automatically. To do this, the recorder features 2 timer: daily (set start time and end time), and single (specified date, start time and end time data entry).

Voice activation 
Voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny + equipped with voice activation (VAS - voice activation system), which can reduce memory consumption and thereby increase the actual recording time and energy from the power source. When unloading records in the PC pauses can be restored (as silence), or skipped depending on your settings.

Manage recorders Edic-mini Tiny + is very simple. It is carried out switch. Display modes recorder is carried out by the LED.

Connecting to a PC 
Voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny + plug into a USB port on your computer using the adapter supplied. Bundled software running under operating systems Windows HR/32 bit OS Windows7, Windows8, allows you to save the recorded messages as standard sound files, program various parameters recorder allows you to listen to the recording in the "Content dictaphone" You can update the firmware (firmware ) recorder via the USB interface.

In the Box:


1 x Digital voice recorder

1 x USB 2.0 adapter

1 x Warranty card

1 x Package box

1 x LR43 battery

The Clarity and Sound Quality is the BEST IN THE WORLD!





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