spy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night vision

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X 8 (Color Sony Chip HD 1080P 2MP Lines Resolution Video Cameras 12 Volt. with 3.6mm Lens. IR Night vision up to 30-40 feet!


12 Volt Central all-in-one Power Supply for Cameras! Fused protection and UL certified.


One (1) Tera Byte Hard Drive

(8) 50' Foot Power/Video Cables with one run wiring and strong industrial cable that will last for years!


Do not be fooled by imagination look alikes and refurbished systems made in China. This CCTV system is quality all the way! Remember, we are a REAL store with Customer Service!

Banks, Casinos, Convenient Stores, Industrial Centers and Corporate Environments and Homes!

TVI HD 1080P 8-Channel CCTV DVR H.264-2000 Package.....$1,200.00 DVR System Includes 19" LCD COLOR Monitor!  

At Total Security, we understand the inherent need for professional CCTV products that will best serve our customer’s security needs. With today’s safety issues, along with protecting life and property, we have put together excellent cost-effective systems that are tailor made for reliability—–not warehouse low cost products.

For small business or estate needs, look no further for a top quality CCTV security camera system. This system includes everything you need to get started! It includes a 19" LCD Flat Screen  Monitor with high resolution and clear imagery, 8 Color 1080P HD high resolution CCD full size video cameras with a 3.6mm wide angle lenses, wall/ceiling mounts and 50 feet of video/power cable per camera! This system is top of line and it is great for monitoring the home or business. Why pay the pros big bucks when you can do-it-yourself! 

The TVI-7200HGHI-SH series recorder is the new generation recorder developed by TSI which can connect HD analog cameras and provide a very powerful surveillance system. Combined with multiple advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding & decoding technology, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology. It can both work alone as a recorder
and cooperate with other devices to build a comprehensive surveillance system. This fantastic new HD over analogue system allows you to use any existing analogue cameras and also over time upgrade your CCTV to full HD without having to replace everything at once.

Key Features:

• H.264 & Dual-stream video compression
• Support both HD-TVI and analog cameras with
adaptive access
• Full channel@720P resolution real-time recording
• HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P
• Long transmission distance over coax cable
• Support up to 16-ch synchronous playback at 1080P



TVI-DVR & 1 TB Hard Drive
8 Channel DVR H.264 Stand Alone Unit with IP Remote
240 FPS Total with Live Viewing 240 Recording!
Simple Operation
Motion Detection
Tri Turbo Multiplexing Record Mode
Remote Control full control
Internet Remote Viewing any in the world!

Offering eight channel functionality without sacrificing quality.  Packed with all the features necessary to satisfy your customer base.

Installation is as easy as turning the unit on and connecting the cameras.  Intuitive VCR - like programming allows simple setup for any experience level.  Order these units with or without pre-installed hard drives. There are no capacity limitations to the amount of hard drive space required. The DVMR/8CD ships complete with all options.  View remotely anywhere providing an Internet connection is available.  Print images to any printer.  Archive video to tape or locally using marked image.  Sophisticated A-Logics digital motion detection allows you to record only when there is motion,  or simply disable to record full time.  Clever masking feature eliminates unwarranted triggers such as animal movements or tree limbs.

Color 8-Camera CCTV TVI 1080P H.264 Package.....$1,200.00  

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