spy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night vision

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Mini Pro-Econ DVR Personal Recorder....$349.00
Small DVR with 2.5" Screen!



Introducing the Mini Pro-Econ professional pocket sized DVR. This recorder is small enough to fit into a standard cigarette pack and features an on/off, start/stop recording wireless remote control! This recorder can power a 5V camera and comes with a small on/off, start/stop wired remote control.


This unit will accept SD cards up to 32GB! This DVR comes complete with a swappable hi-capacity lithium battery, charger, IR remote control (to navigate thru the menu), wired remote control (to control recording), AV cables, earphones, USB cable, and carrying case.

Similar to the old PV-500 version BUT now with more then double battery time, higher resolution and built-in AGC microphone.

Comes with bundled wire remote controller and IR remote controller that enables remote usage.

Supports multiple recording modes - Manual/Auto/Motion Detect for different scenarios and environments use. Various wired (powered by DVR) and wireless mini cameras are available with this product as well.




  • Features:

    • Palm Sized Digital Video Recorder

    • IR Remote Controller

    • High Resolution 720 x 576 (28 fps)

    • Time Stamp Functionality

    • Built-in AGC Microphone

    • Regulated Playing Speed

    • Continuous Recording/Motion Detection/Overwrite Functionality

    • USB Connection, SD Card Storage

    • Color 2.4 inch TFT Display

    • Compatible with Analog Cameras

    • Easy to use interface

    • Delete files on device

    • Reformat SD Card on Device


    • LCD Display: 2.4 inch TFT LCD

    • Picture Resolution: 720x576

    • Frame Rate: 28 fps

    • TV Output: NTSC/PAL Adjustable

    • Video Format: AVI, MPEG

    • Storage Format: FAT32, NTFS

    • Card Reader: SD, Micro SD

    • Remote Control: IR Remote Control

    • Wire Control: Power ON/OFF Wire Pilot Control

    • PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0

    • Microphone: AGC Quality

    • File Generation Gap Time: 3 seconds

    • Date/Time: YYYY/MM/DD. HH:MM:SS

    • Storage Ratio: 13MB per minute

    • Operation Time: CCD Camera: 200 min, CMOS Camera: 250 min

    • Battery Life: 200 min

    • Charging Time: 4.5 Hour

    • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery: 2200mA/4400mA

    • Speaker S/N: >95 dB

    • Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V

    • Power Supply Current: Recording: 600 mAH, Playback: 480 mAH

    • Memory: SD and Micro SD

    • Dimensions: 85 x 55 17 mm

    • Weight: 62g


    • IR Controller

    • USB Cable

    • DC 5V Charger

    • Carrying Case

    • Li-ion Battery

    • Earphones

    • AV Cables

    • Cable Controller



Do not be fooled by imagination look alikes and refurbished models. This unit has a high powered range. This  unit is quality all the way! Remember, we are a REAL store with Customer Service!

TSI-Button Cam Pro COLOR NOW 550 lines! Button/Screw Camera 5-12 volt..$249.00 or B/W High
Res Same Price!
Add MMX-Pro PV500 TOGETHER FOR.....$598.00!!!

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