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The DATA RECOVERY STICK 2011's Computer Info Recovering Device of the Year!......$189.00



The Personal Data Recovery Stick USB is the simple and most cost-effective way to recover lost or accidentally deleted files and folders on your PC's hard drive. Now, for the first time ever, this professional grade data recovery USB is available to basic and beginner computer users. Simple, sleek and pocket-sized, the new data recovery stick USB uses analytics and innovative algorithms to deliver an easy and highly reliable data file recovery and storage solution.

Key Features:

  • Simplified Plug-n-Play design for quick setup and use

  • Travel-friendly - this pocket-sized data recovery USB is ideal for your on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Compact and discreet device fits perfectly in your pocket or purse- so, it's always within your reach.

  • Not only does this handy USB recover lost folders, multiple photo/graphics format types, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe files, and MP3s, this data recovery stick also has about 1.5 GB of storage. It's the perfect way to store data lost and recovered. You can also use it to quickly backup important projects, designs, and music your working on

  • Use it as a temporary or permanent data storage solution, and the best part is, if you run out of data storage, take your stored files and back them up to your PC or an external hard drive.

  • High-Grade Forensic Data Recovery in a simple, one-step stick. Now, you too can have the high-performance data recovery power once only available to certified technology experts.

  • This USB is the perfect tool for computer novices or anyone else who's looking for a simple, low-cost alternative to expensive data recovery specialists. Often, these services require you to completely dismantle your desktop or laptop and require you to pay expensive shipping rates, plus insurance plans to make sure your computer, laptop or other digital device gets to the proper destination in one piece.

When something is deleted from a disk drive, that information isn’t
really gone. The “roadsigns” pointing to a file are removed and the
space that file is in is marked by the operating system as available
for use. This means that new information can be stored on top of these files.

Running a recovery goes through a device’s memory and pulls data that has had its “roadsigns” removed, but if new information has been stored in the same space as a deleted file, it will not be
recoverable. It’s been overwritten.

When a device saves information, where it chooses to save to is
random. It can save to memory that has never been used, or to used
data available for overwriting.