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TSI-Mini Covert Clock Radio DVR  
Low Light IR Ex-view Color & B/W Camera
600 Lines of Resolution!....$699.00

See in Total Darkness!


Now with Our Exclusive "PHANTOM-RAY" Invisible Micro IR Illuminator Technology - Record an Entire room in Total Darkness!

The TSI-Mini Covert Clock Radio DVR Midland is a VERY SMALL low profile AM/FM clock radio with weather band alert. Only 6 inches wide, 2.4 inches high and 4.2 inches deep This tiny radio appears "at home" in a multitude of locations. It can be used as a desk clock, shelf clock, clock radio, office clock, weather alert radio, or even travel radio. So small, nobody would ever suspect a full function motion activated DVR inside recording 80 hours of full 30fps hi-res (600 lor) black & white video. "Total Covert" operation including "invisible trap door" with special key to open. All radio functions work normally.

Take a look at all the hi tech features and we are sure you will agree that this is the only unit of its type for the serious user. This is a new model Midland AM/FM clock radios, with a built in weather band alert.

  • Modern Midland AM/FM Clock Radio with Weather Band Alert

  • 600 LOR Sony ExView CCD Camera Color in Day/B/W at Night!

  • 0.00 Lux with IR illuminators- No Light Required

  • IR Remote Control for System Setup and Playback

  • 640 X 480, 320 X 240 Frame Size (Selectable)

  • Invisible Camera (no new holes in radio)

  • Upgradable Firmware via SD Card

  • Fully Adjustable Frame Rate 1~30fps

  • Embedded Time/Date Stamp

  • Hidden Trap Door for SD Card

  • Scheduled Recordings

  • Motion Activation Grid

  • 16 Gb SD Card Support


Exclusive "New Technology" not found on any other unit of its kind:


  • Magnetic "Trap Door" - Totally covert! Obsolete, old style units have SD cards located in battery compartment, resulting in no backup battery and anyone can open and easily see "tell tale" SD card slot. Our "Trap Door" technology is virtually impossible to locate or open unless you know the secret and have the special magnetic key.

  • Back Up Battery- Old style, obsolete units use battery compartment for SD card slot, if radio is unplugged, or power is interrupted, the time must be manually reset. With the Mini Midland, backup battery is in place and active. Unit may be moved from location to location without resetting time.

  • Weather Alert Feature: This radio is at home in any room, office. or warehouse, due to the exclusive weather alert.


Radio Description

Midland WR11 7 Channel Desktop Alarm Clock, Weather Alert Radio with AM FM Radio.


  • 7 Channel all hazard alert weather radio
  • AM/FM Radio tuner
  • Receives 24 hour a day national weather bureau broadcasts
  • Alert system turns on and overrides the FM or AM radio when dangerous weather or civil emergencies arise
  • Digital weather tuner for maximum range up to 50 miles
  • Choice of siren, voice or visual only warnings
  • Manual override gives weather data
  • External jacks for power and optional range
  • Extending antenna
  • Emergency battery backup
  • Requires (4) AA batteries
  • Includes wall power module


    Channel: 7
    Alarm Type: Wake up to local weather, AM/FM or buzz
    Frequency Band/Bandwidth: AM, FM
    Alert System: Turns On
    Weather Tuner: Digital
    Range: Up to 50 Miles
    Battery Volt: 4 X "AA":
    Wall Power Module: Yes
    Dimensions & Weight
    Width: 6 Inches
    Height: 2.4 Inches
    Depth: 4.2 Inches
    Weight: .1 lbs




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