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The M-8 H.264 \ High Compression - 8


Reg: $1,580.00

   JPEG2000 - 4 CHANNEL  
DVR/CD 500 GB Hard Drive (1 TB Only $120.00 More)
8-Channel DVR Stand Alone Unit with IP Remote Internet PC/MAC Viewing!
240 Viewing & 240 FPS Total Recording! 
Simple Operation
Motion Detection
Multiplexing Record Mode

Offering 8 channel functionality without sacrificing quality.  Packed with all the features necessary to satisfy your customer base. This unit features a CD/DVR writable drive for data transfer and backup. Record up to 20 minutes with a 700MB CD-R. (DVD BURNERS NOW AVAILABLE!

H.264 is the next generation of image compression.

Yielding much higher compression ratios than its predecessor MPEG & JPEG the H.264 does not sacrifice video quality. In fact, playback recording and live views are nearly identical. H.264 has been developed specifically for multimedia. Unlike MPEG-4 & JPEG2, the H.264 was designed with the entire CCTV scope in mind for clear viewing and excellent recording playback

Other features of H.264 include superior low bit-rate performance, lossless and lousy compression, progressive transmission by pixel accuracy and resolution, robustness to bit errors and many others as well. Enjoy the benefits of the industry leading video/audio compression algorithm H.264.

 NOTE: Hey Mac users! This H.264 DVR is viewable remotely using a Apple Macintosh Computer in Firefox and/or Safari. You can remotely view live, view previously recorded video, access the settings via a Mac. You cannot remotely backup recorded video files however. This can only be done at the DVR or remotely using a Windows based (XP, Vista, Windows 7 ) computer.


This Picture is Typical of Chinese Manufactured Cards that are currently on the market for around $400-$700 bucks. Can you put a price on your security?


Live View

Real time display per camera
Auto Sequence
PIP (Picture in picture)
Digital Zoom
Display Freeze
Simple Playback mode
Simple PTZ camera control

High Frame Rate (240 ips Max recording)
Variable Record resolution (For higher picture quality or
higher recording speed) Efficient Image Quality setup in 5 steps
Schedule Record / Holiday Record
Event Record (Alarm / Motion)
View Live and Playback images across IP network
Copy images across the network
Search & Playback by Date/Time, Event, Camera
Outstanding picture quality by H.264 compression algorithm
Suitable for recording not only images but also text
Various steps in Forward Playback Speed (X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4, X16, X60) Various steps in Backward Playback Speed (X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4, X16, X60) Easy and convenient search by on board control & Remote Controller
  • 8 CH Standalone H.264 Compression
  • 240 x 240
  • Remote Control
  • 500 GB HD (2 HD bays - up to 1 TB each bay max of 2 TB total)
  • Remote Backup
  • Flash Drive Backup up to 4GB (FAT32 Format)
  • 2 Video Outputs: 1 VGA & BNC
  • 4 Audio Inputs
  • Remote live audio monitoring and playback capable
  • Dynamic Networkable
  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Model VC-SYS-8WEB264