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SB-LINUX8......$2,499.00 120-4

Linux DVR Server/CD 250 GB Hard Drive
8 Channel DVR Server with IP Remote
240 FPS Total Viewing and Recording!
Simple Operation
Motion Detection with Motion Grid
Multiplexing Record Mode
Tower Case (Built Strong)


  •  2.4 GHz Intel P-4 Processor

  •  48X/24X/48X IDE CD Read-Write

  •  Graphics Card 32MB VGA

  • 250 GB Hard Drive Hitachi (IBM)

  •  Full Screen display

  •  Motion detection to save time for data retrieval

  •  240 FPS High Speed DVR Card

  •  240 FPS (4) channel card

  •  320x240 & 640x480 Resolution

  •  FTP images to an FTP server/website

  •  Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera

  •  Point-to-point or multicast transmission of live video
    via the Internet

  •  Web-based user interface for easy operation

  •  Motion detection, 24/7 Schedule recording mode 

  •  Multiple passwords to view authorized cameras

  •  Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera Video Playback  while monitoring

  •  Remote playback, remote recording and full admin control***

  •  Unlimited users view from remote without taking extra bandwidth (LAN) Sensitivity level of motion detection

  •  Snapshot ability

This Picture is Typical of Chinese Manufactured Cards that are currently on the market for around $400-$700 bucks. Can you put a price on your security?

View Live and Playback images across IP network
Copy images across the network
Search & Playback by Date/Time, Event, Camera
Outstanding picture quality by Linux compression algorithm
(No mosaic effect)
Suitable for recording not only images but also text
Various steps in Forward Playback Speed (X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4, X16, X60) Various steps in Backward Playback Speed (X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4, X16, X60)

Data Back-Up

Simple Back-Up using built-in CD Writer (Back-up CD Player included in the package) Network Back-Up using Remote Viewer program(Remote Viewer included in the package) Supports large capacity  HDD (300GB or larger)
Multi-Language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italy, Japan, China) VGA support both TFT LCD monitor and CRT monitor (option)
Lock the system by Password