spy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night visionspy cameras, cctv security systems, night vision

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TSI-IPBC540 WI-FI IP Color Sony Chip 540 Lines Security Camera with 3.5-8.0mm Lens! $399.00




TSI-IPBC540 1/3" SONY CCD 540TVL, NTSC, H.264 baseline profile at level 2.2, up to 30fps, built-in Video Server, WI-FI, Supports SD card, remote software upgrades and Dynamic IP Address, motion Detection.

Storage IP box Camera is an embedded device designed for network video surveillance application. Optimized H.264 video compression algorithm assures clearer and more fluent image transmission. It uses the newest techniques and high integration single chip SOC with powerful Linux RTOS (Real-time Operating System) realized high performance and low cost digital multimedia process. Built-in mini Web Server (38x38mm double boards) that allows users to conveniently carry out remote control via Internet Explorer. Furthermore, central management software can be used for integrated surveillance and management of multiple network cameras, so it is very easy to build large video surveillance system.


This product can be used indoor or outdoor provided that a outdoor weatherproof housing is used. Comes with vari-focal 3.5mm-8mm manual lens.

  • high-density and programmable communication media processor Hi3510, SOC single chip solution, equipped with two processors,ARM9 and DSP

  • Support both high sensitivity SONY CCD or other CMOS sensor

  • H.264 baseline profile@Level 2.2, realize transmission of High Definition video over low network bandwidth easily

  • Up to 30fps(NTSC) or 25fps(PAL)

  • Up to 30 viewers can directly access the camera simultaneously

  • Built-in Web server enables the use of a standard Web browser for viewing and management

  • Support SD card video/picture storage

  • Support remote software upgrade safely function

  • Support dynamic IP address , LAN, Internet (ADSL and Cable Modem)

  • Network protocols: HTTP, SMTP, PPPoE, DDNS, DNS, DHCP, UPnP(CP for NAT)

  • Support Bi-directional real- time transmission of audio talk-back &broadcast

  • Network self-adapting technology to adjust video frame rate automatically according to the network bandwidth

  • Provide motion detection/shelter /sensor alarm functions (Area & Sensitivity can be set )

  • Provide RS485 serial port with several built-in high-speed domes and decoder protocols, supports transparent protocols.


System requirement

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Processor: Intel Pentium III, 1G or Higher (Pentium IV, 2G or Higher recommended)

RAM: 256 MB or more

Color Monitor: At least DirectX 8.1 or higher and 32M Display storage

HD: More than 40G





  • DC12V/ 24V

  • Vari Focal 3.5mm-8.0mm Lens Included!

  • Camera Mounting Bracket Included!

  • 12 Volt Power Transformer Included!


3.5mm to 8.0mm vari focal lens for proper viewing for your security cameras. Add a auto-Iris Vari focal lens for an additional $40 if you wish for better optical performance! PLEASE CALL 847 803-9001 to upgrade.

Also Included is a camera mounting bracket as well FREE! You can mount the camera sideway, upside down, etc.  Comes in Beige Only.


12 Volt Power Transformer also included! If you need a 24 Volt,

Please call 847 803-9001


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