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Total Security is Chicago's leading provider of security, Investigative and surveillance products for consumers, businesses and law enforcement entities all over the world. We provide solutions and investigative consulting services for many Fortune 500 corporation and local and national government agencies. To date, we have also serviced thousands of small business owners by protecting their assets and operating structure.

John C. Frycek, our founder and President, is a nationally renowned security and investigative expert and a frequent contributor to many broadcast, print and online media outlets.

Total Security, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, where we operate a retail showroom and our customer resource center.



We Consult, Assist, Design & Ship Nationwide! People & Businesses Have Trusted Us For Over 20 Years! No Email Answers, No Voice Mail---Call Us
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People you can trust since 1991. Total Security specializes in a wide range of video surveillance cameras and spy equipment systems. We are experienced and trusted leaders in covert hidden camera systems, nanny cameras, security video equipment, wireless spy cameras and digital motion activated cameras. Total Security also sells the very finest in B/W and color low-light pinhole cameras, digital security CCTV cameras, network IP cameras, CCTV security cameras, LED cameras and infrared night-vision cameras, underwater cameras and body-worn covert video cameras.
Over the years, the owners of Total Security have seen and witnessed the inherent demand for professional security and counter-measure equipment for security consultants, police departments, federal agencies, private investigators and the general public. Before we agreed to open this business, we made a commitment to offer only the very best for less in counter-surveillance products that mirrors nothing but quality backed by seasoned and passionate customer service personnel.   

We understand that there are a lot of Web sites on the Web  offering "Spy & Security products," but are they security and investigative professionals?  Do they have years of dedication for the field of protection and safety? Most of all, do they answer the phone when you call their place of business?
We do...

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Mount Prospect, IL 60056

1- (773) 775-7600




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